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Tour Dates

It’s imperative for music bands to get involved in certain activities that draw public attention to their bands. It could be that your band isn’t yet ready and prepared for a nationwide to. However, that doesn’t mean that you don’t tour at all! You could think smaller and still create some excellent marketing opportunities! When we say smaller, it doesn’t imply that you go on a mini-band tour.
Instead, consider touring on a smaller scale, for instance, playing in three popular towns closest to your base, or in all the major cities of your state. In case you own a dependable van and can afford some gas money, it’d be best to go on a three-state tour. It’s entirely up to you which regions you’d like to cover, and you can tour for as long as you desire.

Some bands cover all major cities of their state in a weekly or fortnightly tour. Yes, it’s possible to do that! For instance, a band based out of Ohio can perform in Columbus, Akron, Toledo, Youngstown, Dayton, Cincinnati and then Cleveland in seven days’ time! That means performing in a different city every night of the week!

However, you just can’t pay attention to the venues and dates alone. You need to take into account the theme of the tour as well. This theme must be both clever and original, as it’d play a key role in getting the media involved. Many bands go on seasonal tours at the start of summer vacations, or during the first week of classes. They name these tours like ‘School Sucks Tour’, ‘Summer Rock Tour’ etc. Hope you get the drift! It’s all about getting creative!

You could even turn your tour into a charity event. Not only would this get you plenty of media attention, but would also draw support from various other quarters. A word of caution though! You must indulge in any fundraising events with great care, so that you don’t get entangled in any law-related problems. It would be better to partner with some non-profit charitable organization and let them take care of the money aspect. The rules may vary from state to state, and hence it’d be best to engage a lawyer having expertise in this area. Many lawyers offer such services for free, keeping the initiative in their mind. In the event that you don’t find a charitable attorney, it’d do no harm in paying them a nominal fee for all the advice and work.

In case you wish to contribute to a charitable cause, but would like to stay away from the money matters, it would be best to go on a tour simply for raising awareness regarding a certain social issue. This could be very helpful for your favorite charitable organization. The idea is to draw people’s attention to a certain social cause, for instance AIDS, Cancer, homelessness etc. and educate the audience about these problems, either via a guest speaker (who’d take the stage while the band is setting up and/or breaking down) or pamphlets.

Many bands wonder how can they possibly get gigs in cities where they’ve never performed earlier?! The trick is finding some band who plays your kind of music and is popular in that city, and then tagging along with them!