Anvil! The Story of Anvil
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Anvil Life Lessons

Derive pleasure from whatever you do to earn your living
It’s important to find pleasure in whatever activity you’re involved in to earn your living, even if it means delivering meals to schools and institutions. One of the opening scenes of the documentary film ‘Anvil! The Story of Anvil’ shows Steve ‘Lips’ Kudlow driving around in a snowy Toronto, delivering meals for school children. He says that Anvil gives him his happiness. Even though he doesn’t make a lot of money from the band, the joy derived from it helps him get through life. He believes that things can only get better in any situation.

Reconnect with your old friends
Sacha Gervasi, the director of ‘Anvil! The Story of Anvil’ loses touch with the band post their high period during the 80s, but decides to Google them one fine night in the year 2005. He does so only to find out if they’re still alive or not! To his surprise, he discovers that they had produced 13 albums and had never stopped. This despite never having made it big. He calls up Kudlow and sends a message through their website. Kudlow replies back stating that he had expected Gervasi to be either dead or having turned into a lawyer. Sacha flies out the band to Los Angeles and the end result is creation of their highly and widely acclaimed documentary film!

Always have a positive attitude
Many Anvil fans believe that the band’s thunder was stolen by other popular bands of their time. But Anvil doesn’t feel any sort of bitterness. They continue to express their gratitude towards all the fellow bands and believe that their time will also come. Steve Kudlow is always positive and never blames others for where Anvil is today.

Never allow obstacles to deter you
The documentary film is all about musicians who never allow obstacles to become a deterrent in their journey towards success. 99% of the people who fall in the category of Anvil don’t make it. The ones who do can instantly identify themselves with the band. The story serves as an inspiration for all the underdogs out there!

Believe in miracles
Sacha Gervasi believes that it’s important for people to hear and witness real stories of hope. The story of Anvil is all about perseverance, endurance, what it means to be a part of a family, what it means to be a friend, and a miracle that happens in the end, just because they never quit. They’re always hopeful that something good will occur in the end. And it does! People need to believe in miracles no matter how difficult the situation may be. ‘Anvil! The Story of Anvil’ has a universal appeal. It’s a timeless story that’s relevant in all times.

Stay loyal to your sense of style!
When the band finally gets a meeting with the big record label EMI in Canada, it doesn’t feel the need of putting on suits and all for the meeting. Both Kudlow and Reiner show up in their usual skinny jeans and long rocker hair! Even though they don’t get signed-up by EMI, they stay true to their style and go on to distribute the album on their own.