Anvil! The Story of Anvil
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About Steve Kudlow

Steven Barry lips Kudlow was born on March 2, 1956 in Canada. He is the lead guitarist and lead vocalist of the heavy metal band Anvil, which he founded along with his drummer friend Rob Reiner in the year 1978. Both had been playing music together since the year 1973.

Kudlow got initiated into the world of music when he was bought a guitar by his father at the tender age of nine. He took to it pretty naturally and developed an intention for playing music for the rest of his life right from that early age. Talking about the music he played at that time, Kudlow once stated that his focus had always been on writing and playing original music. He said that he made sure that music consumed all of his time. He was keen on making it a lifelong project and was determined to build a long-term career in the field of rock ‘n’ roll. He just didn’t want to be some sort of overnight sensation. In fact, the ways in which he wrote songs and took some important decisions in his life, were in line with this long-term commitment. He wanted his music to be people friendly and not just about one chart-busting single.

As even admitted by Steven Kudlow, his mother was not too supportive of his ambitions as a budding musician. Playing heavy metal music was not regarded very highly by the Canadian society of those times. There was a fear that Steve becoming a heavy metal musician could become a social embarrassment.

About Anvil
The roots of the band Anvil were formed in April 1973 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada when Kudlow started playing music with Rob Reiner, his high school friend. The band also became a subject of a successful documentary film titled ‘Anvil! The Story of Anvil’ in the year 2008. The film was directed by a hard-core Anvil fan and popular screenwriter Sacha Gervasi. Much of the popularity and acclaim that Anvil has gathered in the recent times can be credited to this documentary film. As a result, Anvil also earned opening slots with popular bands like Saxon and AC/DC, and went on to appear in heavy metal festivals like Loud Park, Download and Bumbershoot, as well as independent festivals such as SXSW.

His Personal life
Steven Kudlow had to get involved in other menial jobs while being a band member of Anvil owing to the many challenges faced by the band. This is well evident in the documentary film that we mentioned above. He did the job of a truck driver with the Children’s Choice Catering, a business involved in delivery of meals to various institutions and schools. Despite being a backbreaking and physically demanding work, Steven Kudlow never demeaned the job in any way. In fact, he always speaks highly of it and believes that he raised a family, owns a home and led a great normal life, something which would’ve never been impossible had he been some sort of a monster star his entire life. Working different jobs allows him to play all over the world and do all the things he likes. But, he becomes a normal man when he enters his home!