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Gone are the times when people would walk into a record store to buy their favorite music. It’s the digital age and everyone buys music on the Internet today.

So, if you’re a musician, it becomes a necessity for you to have a music website of your own. Actually, it’s an absolute must. If you have such a website, you’d be able to direct people/fans to your professional online presence, up-to-date with all your merchandise, tour dates, performances, latest releases and more. Such website can also go a long way in getting you taken seriously for your music. Furthermore, it can help you in booking more shows and increasing your fan base.

Let’s take you through the 5 most important features that you can’t afford to overlook on your music website.

There’s no point having such a website if you don’t feature your music on it! Adding music to your website is pretty easy. You can select from various cool features like a SoundCloud audio player, an iTunes button, a Spotify player or audio play buttons. Furthermore, all these features can be easily customized, depending on your website’s style. What more, you could even make some money by selling music directly from your website.

Contact form
Often neglected by a large number of web administrators, a contact form is a must for every musician’s website. You need to provide your visitors a way to get in touch with you. How else are you going to get approached for concerts, performances, gigs, shows etc.? In addition, such contact forms also work as good mediums for obtaining feedback from the visitors. Ideally, a contact form must consist of basic information like the name of the visitor, his/her contact details and his/her comments.

Event calendar
It’s imperative for you to create a buzz around your upcoming shows. One of the ways to achieve this is by posting your events on your website. The event calendar on your website must be kept up-to-date as it’s the best method of letting your fans know about your upcoming events. One of the ways to do this is by using the Google event calendar app which enables you to share all your events, along with their respective details in a customizable and properly laid out manner. You can easily publish your gigs, concerts and even meet ups through this feature.

Social media links
Although it’s pretty obvious, we cannot do without saying it out loud that you must include all your social media links on your official music website! Social media plays a key role in promoting events and music nowadays. Your website should be created in a manner that it turns into your own social headquarters, allowing visitors to connect easily with you on your social media pages.

Good videos and images
No matter which field of music you belong to, whether you’re a singer-songwriter, classical cellist, a jazz guitarist or a rock musician, the visual samples provided on your website can significantly enhance the experience of every visitor. Allow your audience to enjoy all aspects of your artistic creations – live shows, funny moments, recording sessions, jam sessions and more.